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Jaime Padron was brutally murdered on April 6, 2012. When I think of Jaime, the first image is always of that million dollar smile he shared with everyone he met. This story is about him and two civilians who became heroes the morning of Officer Padron’s death.
The murderer’s name won’t be printed in this article. That name will receive too much public display when it is printed and spoken tens of thousands of times over the next ten to twenty-five years as he sits on death row and attempts to cheat the grim reaper over and over with legal appeals.
Archie Jordy, Austin Chief Art Acevedo, & Lincoln LeMere

Officer Padron was an Austin police officer when he was killed, but he had served the citizens of San Angelo, Texas for fourteen years before moving to Austin. I first met him when he was in San Angelo and that is when his smile was indelibly inked in my memory.  He’ll forever be a hero to thousands who knew him and to tens of thousands who know his story. Here’s a link to a Facebook page honoring him.

Archie Jordy

In the early morning hours, Officer Padron was dispatched to a Walmart store in Austin, where employees observed a man acting strangely. When he arrived and confronted the man, a struggle ensued. Officer Padron was shot and mortally wounded. The two civilian heroes, Lincoln LeMere and Archie Jordy were working at the Walmart store. They faced the murderer, struggled with him, and disarmed him, though he got off one more shot during the struggle. Archie Jordy then called for help using Officer Padron’s police radio, while Lincoln LeMere held the murderer on the ground. Later, during the murderer’s trial, LeMere testified that after he was restrained, the person giggled and said; I killed a cop.

The Carnegie Hero Fund Commission was created a hundred ten years ago, in 1904, by American industrialist Andrew Carnegie. Its intent was to recognize and reward those ordinary citizens who become heroes when faced with extraordinary circumstances. You can learn more about the Commission if you follow this link,

There were other Walmart employees who tried to assist that night, but LeMere and Jordy risked their lives to stop the murderer. We often joke about Walmart, its customers, and those who work there. That changed for me with the death of Officer Jaime Padron. I will forever think of Jaime when I see a Walmart employee. I’m sure if he could speak with Archie Jordy and Lincoln LeMere today, he would greet them with that giant smile and say, Good job, guys!

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