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Larry Watts

I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma. My high school graduating class was the largest in then recent memory, 28 bright-eyed soon to be former students, ready to take on the world.

After high school, I found myself in Houston, Texas, trying to make a living as an industrial painter. I soon realized that hanging from water towers and scaling 100 foot high smoke stacks was not for me. I needed to find another occupation.

At the time, ads ran on television daily, touting the great pay and adventure for young men who became Houston police officers! The pay was a whopping $400 a month. I had never considered such an occupation, but decided it was worth a try; surely I could at least make it through the training.

I spent the next 21 years giving police work a try. After that I took a job with a union that represented police officers across the State of Texas. It was about 15 years into that career that I decided I to write a book.

Finally, in 2011, my first novel, The Missing Piece, was published. It’s a story set in Austin, Texas and details the disruption in the lives of all those involved when a police officer uses a weapon in the line of duty. My second novel, Cheating Justice was published in 2012 and tells of a man wrongfully convicted of murdering his wife.

I have since published a book of short stories, The Park Place Rangers, and three books in the Tanner & Thibodaux series. My most recent work, Dishonored and Forgotten, published January of 2017, is a historical fiction set in Houston during the 1950’s and relates the account of Houston’s first police drug scandal.

I live on the Gulf Coast in Texas, with my wife, Carolyn, who is also a published author of parenting and children’s books. I hope you try my writing. If you enjoy it, please let me know. You can e-mail me at Larry@LarryWatts.net.

All my work is available here on my website, at Amazon, and wherever good books are sold.